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Dark Side of the Moon

Yesterday I saw Roger Waters live in a 2h+ concert.
The show had two different parts, with an interlude of 10 minutes. The first one was a mix of well known Pink Floyd songs (Mother, Wish you were here, Shine on you crazy diamond, Have a cigar...) and some of his solo compositions (which were quite bland imho). The second one was the full album Dark Side of the Moon.

The day had been menacing with rain, and in fact we had some heavy rain and sleet followed by sun and cloudy skies. When we arrived at the venue, the ground was still wet but the skies were clear.

We were there almost two hours soon and people were already filling the place. It was a soccer playground and, sincerely, not the place to see Roger Waters. Seats were really far from the scenery and we were glad we couldn't get tickets for them. (The final proof of the unappropiate setting was the sound cut the band experimented after the first 5 minutes of playing. Finally they had to play at a lower volume because they feared another power off xD)
Until the show started the radio you can see above was playing different songs, mostly country and folk. Prior to Roger Waters making his appearance a hand showed on the screen tuning the radio, lighting a smoke and drinking the whisky. The effect was really nice =)
The show started with In the flesh, the opening song of The Wall and the perfect one to start this kind of show: people went crazy xD
After In the flesh came some more songs from The Wall and Have a Cigar. Then came Set the controls to the heart of the sun, with some photos of the old band days and Shine on you crazy diamond, remembering Syd Barrett.
And it was time for some Roger Waters songs, which I didn't find up to the show, sincerely. Indeed, soon started to rain xD
The only song I liked from his solo set was one about his days in Libanon which were accompanied by a comic in the big screen with some really nice drawings.
And then the big pink pig appeared and the crowd went insane xD With the downpour I couldn't take any photos, but I had the pig at 5 meters or so :D
People were trying to touch it and so it didn't fly, even though Waters was trying to learn the spanish words to tell people to "give it wings".
Then came a couple more Pink Floyd songs like The Fletcher Memorial Home and the interlude.

My poor mobile phone camera couldn't get better pics xD

While Roger and the band were relaxing a bit, a moon was slowly getting bigger on the screen, telling people the next part was coming.
And so the played the full album, with two of the best songs by Pink Floyd: Time and Money. Both of them showed off the multichannel setup by playing different sounds all around the audience.
At the end of the album there was planned a little surprise: a "prism" would fall and make an interactive image of the album cover. If you look closey at the first photo you'll see what I mean. Finally it didn't happen: after the rain it was wet and probably wasn't a good idea.

And then the encore came: Another brick in the wall (my favourite Pink Floyd "song"), Bring the boys back home and Conforably Numb.

I took some videos which lack quallity, but you can see the impressive level of the show, particulary the explosions. There were also flames, bengals and lots of light effectcs. It wasn't Pulse, of course, but a great gig nonetheless.

I loved the show and I wouldn't mind going again. Without the rain, if possible xD
Let's hope I don't get a cold =P
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