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Terry Pratchett

Hoy, en el blog de Neil Gaiman (officialgaiman), publica un link a una entrevista entre Terry Pratchett y él mismo.

Me ha hecho gracia también su comentario al poner el link:
Over at Waterstones there's an interview that I did with Terry Pratchett, filled with the kind of odd little edits and rewrites that remind me why I left journalism, but which won't be visible to anyone else.

La entrevista está chula, porque además de hablar del Mundo Disco y de la escritura, habla de su reciente anuncio sobre su enfermedad y cómo se encuentra.

"Currently, I'm writing Unseen Academical, which people will think is ostensibly about football on Discworld, and then will turn out to be about something else, which you could see all the time but didn't notice. That's the best kind of story."

La imagen es de Paul Kidby, ilustrador de los libros de Pratchett =)
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