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The Chronicles

I've finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrove.
It's a children's book by C.S. Lewis, but I loved it. Written in a casual way, with a narrator that might as well be an old man sitting by the fire telling a tale, it's a tender story about the end of childhood.
At first I was going to read a spanish translation of the book, but I found an originl version and it's much better. The translation blows away the casual style and goes for a more serious approach that doesn't fit the story.
For those that haven't read the book, it's about four children that live in a mansion, having escaped from London's air raids (the setting is 1940). While exploring the house, Lucy (the younger of the lot) finds a wardrove and hides in it. However, she discovers the wardrove is a door to another world, Narnia.

It's a small book (around 80 pages), but a nice one. I highly recommend it.
They are doing a film now, which looks quite promising:

Dani should arrive today from England. Let's hope he has a nice trip and has some nice stories to tell.
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