May 29th, 2005

Sunday Bloody Sunday =P

Today the sky is covered with clouds but it's really hot. The kind of weather that makes you feel like a couch potato =P
The time has been crawling slowly and even though I know I should study or something like that I don't feel like it. May-June really are bad months for studying, with all this heat, allergies, etc.
My next exam is on Wednesday, but it should be easy (1 hour only). Next will be 10th of June. I must study a lot for that one =/

Has anyone seen the GP of today? It was thrilling =D and Alonso finally won! Go Alonso !!! xDDDD

So, Sunday's almost over...

On top of the mountain where Gods live
I cry to the infinite skies
With the only answer of silence
The freezing winds make me cringe.

The grass is green in the lands below
Life goes on while wheat grows
A bird sings a beautiful tune
I smile at the sight as zephyr blows

See you =)