January 23rd, 2006

The English Way

Looks like my blog needs some english entries =)
I'm going to start posting more in english, but that will require some help from the readers. I haven't written much in english in years, and stopped studying it 4 years ago, my english is rotting =P
So, if it's possible, I'd like to ask you to point out any mispelling or grammar errors I may have. My vocabulary isn't very extensive, but I'll try to change that with time and practice. I'm a maniac of grammar and spelling when writing in spanish and I wouldn't like to be less when writing in english. If you see something wrong, please tell me so, even if it looks like a typo =)
I hope my first entries are readable and expect comments on my grammar ;)

So, for those who haven't been following my life lately, my birthday was last thursday, I'm in exams period right now and studying Telecommunications engineering. I'm single and any improvements in that are would be welcomed ;)
You can check my website if you want (Seigetsu). It's in spanish, but most of the content is photography and such, you shouldn't have much problems ^^
If I have time I may try to translate the previous entry =P


-This storm won't be our end, I can't die tonight!

The rain and the waves transfigured the ship into a haunting specter barely visible. Maybe it'd be one soon.
-Who's at the radder?
-Samuel, my captain.
-Right, tell him to cut the waves. This old husk ain't going to sink until I say so. Run!
While his boatswain was running over the steps, he dashed through the deck. He was yelling orders again and again; furious, imperative, desperate orders. The ship would hold, it had to.
"Shiver me timbers, bloody storm from hell. They won't get me so easily."
-Haul down the damned sails! Haul down the sails!
His men were made from sea salt. They knew the storm would last, but they weren't going to back off at the elements' challenge. Neither would he.
-Captain, the mast won't do it!
-It'll have to. Oh, yes, it'll have to.
He advanced among the crew as if his mere force of will could hold the storm.
"I must get to harbour, I must get at any cost."
It was the boatswain. He turned towards the sound of his voice, illuminated by a sudden lightning that flew broadly through the overcast sky. A hawser had broken free, and the rope was coming towards him dragging a chunk of wood teared from the deck. He could see the rain drops bouncing lazily on the rope, on the floor and on his men. Water was running down the boatswain's face, a face frozen in an expression of fatality.
Everything was so sharpen, so clear.
"It's so easy", he thought.

And the world turned to the color of the night.

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