July 2nd, 2006


Africa tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be taking a bus to Madrid at 5,30 pm, along with my brother davenwar, zahkrin and aizko. I guess we'll arrive around 10 pm. Then we'll try to go to the airport via subway.
Our flight will take off at 6 am, then we'll head to Amsterdam where we take another plane that takes us to Entebbe, Uganda. At the airport my uncle Lázaro will meet us. He's a white father that has lived in Africa the last 30 years, mainly Uganda, and will guide us through the country.

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[EDIT] Se me olvidaba, no voy a llevarme móvil al viaje, ya que allá no sirve de nada al no haber cobertura y lo único que puede pasar es que se me estropee. Que lo sepáis =P