August 18th, 2006

Jin colorless

Y olé

Bueno, mini entrada para comentar unas chorradillas.

Primero, el parque temático Parque España en Japón. Sin comentarios.

Ah, me han confirmado el pago de un año más de LJ y tengo cinco avatares más para ponerme (que ya están ocupados). Tengo 109. Dios.

Lo siguiente son dos cosas sacadas del blog de Neil Gaiman (que está en Asturias ahora mismo):

Mitch Benn also has a myspace page, and has put up a song called "Myspace" on it, which sums up everything about Myspace rather elegantly. Also he has his "I May Just Have to Murder James Blunt" up there, a song I came extremely close to posting here back when people were sending in those newspaper articles about James Blunt with a photo of me instead of him...

Oh, all right. For those of you who want it on your iPods. It's this MP3 file. Don't thank me. Thank Mitch.

A day in the life of a Personal Assistant:
Attempt to wake Boss. Find what looks like a corpse. Remember Boss promised to have an "Early Night" and wake upon the dawn like a lark, refreshed and ready for the day. Realize Boss has only been asleep for an hour or so.

Top 10 Things Never To Send Your Favorite Writer:
5. Letters written on black paper with a silver pen.
Silver pen on black paper is not nearly as cool as you think it is.

Para los que todavía no lo conozcan, existe cierto elemento que se hace llamar por las siglas HG que está causando furor. Hay más, mucho más.

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Ah, hoy he recibido un paquete de onmyoji_rina. Muchísimas gracias, me ha hecho un montón de ilusión =3
Me pondré en seguida con la contestación =D
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