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Late, but here finally. I think I should try to translate the first of these little texts, but right now I have a cold to attend to, courtesy of my brother. I hope there aren't many mistakes, mispellings, etc.

Salty ink
Salty ink, desperate steps

He was floating. The gentle rocking of the waves pushed him, aimlessly.
He opened his eyes and saw the bluest sky he had ever seen. The sun was up high, shinning brightly over the sea, a deep blue sea. The waters were calm, there was no wind rushing the soft waves.
Everything was so blue...

He was vaguely conscious his clothes were dry, as if the sun had drunk the last drop of salty water. He stood up, looking at the horizon. The sea was endless.
Started waking, the ship had to be somewhere. His men would be looking for him, they wouldn't let him die drowned.
More so, he must get to harbour. It was imperative, he had to see her again, know she was all right. To watch that smile, her sad and sweet eyes.
Started to run. He must get to her, couldn't stay here. His head was spinning, he could hear the echo of his own breathing in the brume.
There was no more sea, just a thick mist. Where was he?
There was no time to think, he must run faster, see the sun again. So he could find orientate himself.
Saw a silhouette in the fog. It was her. Must be. His heart was aching in his chest, as if it wanted to run faster than his legs, like the tip of an flying arrow.
He was close, very close. His chest was in pain, his head was in pain, his legs ached.
Pushed his hand forward, wanted to touch her.
The figure vanished in his fingers. He would never arrive. He wouldn't see her again. He had failed and that was the crude reality.
Fell to his knees and shouted.

-Captain! He's alive!
The pain was overwhelming, he couldn't open his eyes and his head was pounding heavily.
Instinctively, he lifted his hand up to his chest. The letter wasn't there.

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