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Thanks to aranya_mx for the link:

Celtic Triads

  • Three things by nature cause their possessor to err: youth, prosperity, and ignorance.

  • Three errors not acknowledged: fear of an enemy, torment of love, and a jealous persons' evil suspicion of their mate.

  • Three false sisters: "perhaps", "maybe", and "I dare say".

  • Three things by which excellence is established: Taking all things in moderation with nothing in excess; abidance to oaths; and acceptance of responsibility.

  • Three things which strengthen a person to stand against the whole world: Seeing the quality and beauty of truth; seeing beneath the cloak of falsehood; and seeing to what ends truth and falsehood come.

  • Three ways to know a person: by their discourse, their conduct, and their companions.

  • There are three things without which one is not whole: a mate, a home, and a craft.

  • Three things which make one glad: their mate loving them, their labor prospering, and their conscience easy.

  • Three things which come on a person without their knowing: sleep, error, and old age.

  • There are three things which strengthen the mind and reason: seeing much, reflecting much, and enduring much.

  • Three things of which everything is capable, and without which nothing can be: strength of body and mind, knowledge, and love of intuitive wisdom.

Some of them are really good, imho.
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